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  • We Are Freo - Madeleine Beech

    We Are Freo - Madeleine Beech
    Meet Madeleine.By now you most of you would know Madeleine Beech as my daughter, the artist behind most of our prints but she is also an independent artist about to have her exhibition in Fremantle with her father. The joy of being able to create side by side with my daughter is a blessing in my life.
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  • We Are Freo - Natalia Fidyka

    We Are Freo - Natalia Fidyka

    Meet Natalia Fidyka. I first met Natalia at our store on High St, Fremantle. Her energy, love of colour and her laughter are infectious. We have become friends over our love of India and her experience as a psychologist always comes with gentle advice on coping with life”s challenges. Her ANJELMS wardrobe is quite impressive and I treasure the stunning painting I bought from her. Her art like herself is a celebration of life, colour, the travels and people she meets.

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  • We Are Freo - Sabine Figaro

    We Are Freo - Sabine Figaro

    Meet Sabine. I met this quiet French lady when she first moved to Fremantle from Sydney. She pulled out her beautiful watercolours and I encouraged her to sell them in our stores. Sabine is as quiet as I am loud, as patient as I am impulsive, as calm as I am always busy but I love her desire to explore the country, her knowledge of fauna and flora. I am fascinated by the joy her art brings, how children get so excited by it and the education it provides. Our weekly chats give us a bit of time connecting with our French heritage and I treasure that.

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  • We Are Freo - Sasha Britto

    We Are Freo - Sasha Britto

    Meet Sasha Britto. This young woman with the brightest smile in Fremantle is so refreshing. She is genuine, funny and breathes creativity in the most nonchalant way. While she is an accomplished henna artist at The Fremantle Markets where we work together, she is also well known in Fremantle as a singer in bands like Warm Laundry which played at our Game changer launch and an artist which has exhibited throughout Fremantle. Her zest for life is infectious and a great hope for the creative future of Fremantle.

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  • We Are Freo - Amanda Conway

    We Are Freo - Amanda Conway

    Meet Amanda Conway. I have known Amanda for the last decade since we both had stalls at The Fig Tree markets in the centre of Fremantle. Amanda is sharing both our stores in the markets and at the Fibonacci Centre. She is an incredible glass and resin artist but thrives on constantly discovering new hobbies. Her energy, resilience and constant desire to learn something new is so inspiring. We drive each other crazy but we keep each going like an old married couple. Friendship like ours is precious as we support each other through thick and thin.

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  • We Are Freo - Janine Browne

    We Are Freo - Janine Browne

    Meet Janine Browne. I first stumbled upon her Wisdom of Rose and it became my treasured book always in my bag ready to be picked up at a random page to put things into perspective when life gets a bit overwhelming. Janine doesn’t like to be seen but would rather let her characters do the talking.

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