Dhebariya Rabari Collection

We are thrilled to introduce our collaborative capsule collection, featuring the exquisite embroidery work of Gitaben Bhavesh Rabari. This collection is a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary style, showcasing the rich heritage of Dhebariya Rabari embroidery. Gitaben hails from the Rabari community of Kutch, where the art of embroidery has been a cultural staple for generations.

Gitaben did not initially learn the craft from her mother due to changing societal norms. However, her passion for embroidery was reignited after marriage, when she observed and began learning the skill from her mother-in-law. Through persistent practice and deep-rooted inspiration from nature, Gitaben has mastered the intricacies of Rabari embroidery, which traditionally draws motifs from the nomadic lifestyle and natural surroundings of the Rabari community.

Her journey in embroidery has been transformative, encompassing not just the learning of traditional techniques but a broader understanding of design, color schemes, and market orientation. Gitaben has seamlessly merged traditional motifs with contemporary aesthetics, creating products that are both culturally rich and modern. She has also been proactive in learning about market dynamics and client needs, enabling her to turn her craft into a sustainable business.

Our capsule collection embodies Gitaben’s dedication, featuring pieces that are vibrant, detailed, and woven with stories from her heritage. Her unique approach of integrating traditional motifs like peacocks, camels, and trees with modern design elements makes each item in this collection a masterpiece. By collaborating with Gitaben, we aim to honor her craft and provide a platform for her to share her extraordinary artistry with the world. Each piece in this collection not only showcases the beauty of Rabari embroidery but also represents Gitaben’s journey, dreams, and the vibrant culture of the Rabari community.