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We Are Freo - Amanda Conway

We Are Freo - Amanda Conway

Meet Amanda Conway. I have known Amanda for the last decade since we both had stalls at The Fig Tree markets in the centre of Fremantle. Amanda is sharing both our stores in the markets and at the Fibonacci Centre. She is an incredible glass and resin artist but thrives on constantly discovering new hobbies. Her energy, resilience and constant desire to learn something new is so inspiring. We drive each other crazy but we keep each going like an old married couple. Friendship like ours is precious as we support each other through thick and thin.

Tell us a little about yourself

I moved to Fremantle in 2006 with husband Shannon from Worcestershire in the UK.

After spending my whole UK working life doing and loving administration and accounts work I got hooked on glass fusing. I started a small business soon after and now my hobbies are my work. I love creating in glass and resin and more recently have started to sew again (something I did a lot of in England.  I also have a table loom which is yet to be used as there are only so many days in a week. I share 2 shops with the amazing Gaelle and have loads of fun.

What led you to Fremantle?

We were new to Perth and had no idea where we wanted to live. We looked at loads of areas but Fremantle just kept drawing us back.

What is the story behind your print?

There is no real story. The simplicity of my drawing is because the best things to me are the ones that are uncomplicated and spontaneous. Fun, sun, ocean, good friends and enjoying the special place that is Fremantle.

What are your favourite spots in Fremantle and any tips for visitors or newcomers? 

Favourite spots are South Beach, our shop at The Fremantle Markets, Bistro 21 Café, Hinata Café and our shop at The Fibonacci Centre. Gaelle Beech's house.

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Photography by @raquelarand.a

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