noviembre 01, 2023

Bonnie Hislop x The ANJELMS Project

Bonnie Hislop x The ANJELMS Project
Introducing Bonnie Hislop, the Ceramic Artist behind our upcoming Ultimate Play Date Collab collection.
What is our Ultimate Play Date you may ask?
Our Ultimate Play Date is a gathering with all our favourite people in a space where we can explore our creativity and push boundaries through all mediums of expression. This is a space where we feel safe to connect and share, to listen and to learn from each other. A space that allows us to express our individuality, our joy, our fears and our passions - to challenge ourselves within a supportive network of like minded people.
The constant conversation between art and craft - how both are manifestations of our inner selves and how, that by engaging in the practice of making, we transform.
Art is the ideal medium of which we tell our stories through. Beautifully imperfect and endlessly fascinating, just like the stories it tells and the people who are creating it.
To create is an act of radical self love, of tenderness, of resilience, of reconciliation and of healing.
Through creating we connect.
So join us, you are all welcome on our Ultimate Play Date!

Who are you and what inspires you?

Hello! I’m Bonnie, I’m inspired by colour first and foremost and I’ve always had a fascination with retro toys which has influenced my work from the beginning. I also look to pop art and fashion for inspiration, a lot of the motifs on my pots are influenced by clothing design. My larger more sculptural works hold a deeper message and are often sociopolitical commentaries on the human condition and of feminine strength. 

When did you discover your love for ceramics and when did your journey begin?

My mum took my sister and I to our first underglazing (ceramics painting) class when I was 8. She then took an interest and started attending classes herself. By the time I was 13 we had a kiln at our family home. 

Talk us through your creative space and process – what does creativity mean to you in your everyday life?

My studio is currently a room in my unit with a second space in the garage. I generally work from mid-morning into the wee hours of the night - this is when I feel most creative and when there are less distractions. This is the first year I’ve taken time off on weekends and am generally feeling in a good creative place. 

What is a piece or project you are most proud of so far and why? 

It’s usually always the piece/ project I’ve most recently completed. I unlock a new idea or technique every time and that feels exciting. 

What drew you to collaborate with The ANJELMS Project – what do you think connects us creatively?

I was drawn to The ANJELMS Project several years ago by the unique silhouettes, bold prints and commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, as well as the craftsmanship and conscious effort to acknowledge and champion the talented individuals who create the garments. I wanted fun pieces that I could also create and move in, and supporting small ethical businesses is always my go-to. It feels so exciting and special to be combining our aesthetics for this collection. 

What would you like your legacy to be?

I feel very strongly about shifting the mindset that ‘feminine’ and playful colours, art, pastimes, occupations etc. are less worthy. I hope to never lose the child-like sense of wonder that I still feel now in my 30s and to encourage and assure others that being kind and soft and also serious, intelligent and passionate are not mutually exclusive. 
You can follow Bonnie's creative journey and works via her social media
@bonnie_hislop and
Photography by Melanie Hands @withthepeaches

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