Blockprint Information

All The ANJELMS Project unique prints are hand blockprinted by Pawan, master blockprinter at The Stitching Project.


The process starts in Fremantle, Western Australia with a hand drawn image of our desired artwork, which gets emailed to Fiona, head of The Stitching Project. Fiona takes the images to Mr Satnaryan who hand carves the design onto strong, fine grained mature wood to create our blocks for printing. If a design is multicoloured, each colour requires its own block and will be part of a jigsaw of elements. Once Fiona receives the blocks, they are marinated in mustard for three days to protect them, then cleaned and set to work. Each ink colour is mixed, tested until the right colour is achieved and recorded for future reference. Pawan then starts working his magic, placing each block onto the cloth after dipping the block into the ink board. This process is repeated hundred times over with amazing precision and experience to create the perfect patterns.


For example, our new coral print is a jigsaw of three separate blocks each in a different colour, overlapping each other and repeated throughout one thousand metres of handloom cloth.