Humanity To Community - Capsule Collection

This Autumn capsule is a reflection on the essence of our journey creating The ANJELMS Project. What we have learnt along the way and what we trying to achieve through the making of our clothes.

Throughout our work, we have met so many different small pods of people grouped together by family ties, friendships, and similar interests or hobbies. Each pods establish lines of communication through dialogue, the sharing of experiences, cultural traditions, education, etc.

Without these lines of communication, the pods will remain isolated, fronting each other.

The stitching in black and red is what craft can add to these lines of communications: a chance to strengthen them, a chance to create beyond those lines, a chance to build communities through the learning of skills through the sharing of cultural history from one generation to another, a chance to promote intergenerational links so we learn from our elders through mentorship.

This stitching represents what we have learnt over the last 10 years of The ANJELMS Project. Craft is the glue to strong communities. To nurture craftsmanship, is to allow the spirit of community to communicate, to thrive and to extend itself. To go back to this basic notion might be a solution not only to fast fashion but to a lot of our society’s current problems so try it and get crafty!