Porgai Artisan Biodiversity Collection

Calotropis Shirt – Blue

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Made from Hand spun, hand woven Organic Cotton, the Calotropis Shirt features a soft band collar, cuffs and button down centre front. Fitting like a classic shirt with a twist – this shirt has a unique semi circle godet on each side, allowing the shirt to have a more tailored shape on the hips. The bottom hem falls just above the hips and features an invisible pocket on the front waistline. Hand embroidery features on the shirt in various places, namely the purple Calotropis flowers on the front shoulder panel, that is native to the Sittilingi Valley and used in traditional medicine for inflammation. This shirt also features hand embroidered butterflies and blanket stitching along the seams.
Naturally Dyed to create a dark denim blue colour that wears well in all seasons.


Porgai Artisans association works with Lambadi women artisans at Sittilingi, Tamil Nadu reviving the traditional craft of hand embroidery. In the process earning a “rural livelihood and discovering a life if dignity and self-worth.” The collection is made using organic cotton grown in the Sittilingi Valley. Through this collection, they represent the biodiversity of the area. The butterflies, flowers, and plant life that co inhabit their home.