Game Changer

‘Game Changer’ was inspired by vintage Parcheesi board games. Their bright colours and bold lines captured the playful and nostalgic visual that we wanted to replicate in our spring collection. The vintage board game themes reminded us of the joy brought by the togetherness, family and community that board games represent. It reminds us that the nurturing of our traditions are important in times of reflection, but that they are also a symbol of great skill and discipline. This reminds us that being tactical in our decision-making can put us in good stead for our own future and that the choices that we make now impact what others will have the opportunity to experience too. In this current climate, each of us is responsible for changing the game of our own narrative, and our individual moves are incredibly important for the future of our society and our planet. If we can continue to grow and make choices that help to nurture others, then we will grow in the right direction for positive change. 

Life is a game - play it!