The ANJELMS Project

Rajasthan Khadi - Medium Weight

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Width 90 cm

Sold per metre

This is a medium weight khadi, subtle texture and a little rustic.

The cloth is unbleached, and being produced in Rajasthan they don’t always have enough water to wash- it arrives fresh from the cotton plant, sometimes a little leaf matter can be seen as dots in the fabric. The Stitching Project wash the cloth when they receive it and it is ready to send to you but a good hot wash before use should ensure no further shrinkage.

Hand made cloth is unique in small ways, little irregularities are part of its charm and not a fault.

If you are going to wash in hot water once your fabric is transformed into something– give it a hot wash before you start. We wash in cold water, heat can make it shrink more.

This cloth is produced in Rajasthan.