i=Change exists to accelerate the impact of extraordinary development projects focused on women and girls’ empowerment, and now also mitigate the impacts of climate change.

We all have the power within us to create change and contribute to a better, more equal future – and even the smallest actions can have impact.

The ANJELMS Project is committed to giving back to the community that has given so much to us. That is why we have partnered with i=Change to donate $5 from every order to a charity of your choice. 

So, how does it work? Simply shop as usual and at check out, the i=Change platform will appear letting you choose which projects your donation contributes to. But the journey doesn’t end there. It's 100% transparent, you can track here how much we have raised for each cause and see your donation coming through in real-time! Plus, the full donation reaches the charity, no deductions or fees are applied.

Every online purchase makes a difference.

We’re fortunate enough to raise awareness about causes we are passionate about. The three charities below have been carefully selected by the team at The ANJELMS Project for their impact on both people and the planet. They are: 


Thread Together 
Clothe the vulnerable 

The clothes we choose to wear not only protect us from the elements but reflect and affect our confidence and self-esteem.

In Australia one in eight adults and one in six children do not have adequate access to essential clothing. Circumstances and disadvantage should not prevent people from accessing clothing to allow them to realise their full potential.

Thread Together addresses this uncomfortable truth by providing new clothes to those in need. This includes women escaping domestic violence, homeless adults and children, and those who just arrived in the country seeking refuge.

New clothing is also provided to the long-term unemployed, seeking equal standing when going to an interview, those coming out of long-term health care, and many who are rebuilding their lives after being devastated by the droughts, the recent bushfires and now the pandemic.

Our Impact

$5 = a new wardrobe 


The Social Studio
Empower migrants

Many young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds face significant barriers to accessing education and employment including: interrupted or lack of schooling, limited English, work experience opportunities and support networks in Australia.

The Social Studio breaks down these barriers by providing a safe, supportive and creative environment for young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds to gain work experience and qualifications, express their creativity, gain industry contacts, meet new friends and build their confidence as they create a new life in Australia.

Our Impact

$25 = provides one hour of dedicated employment and education pathways for one young person


The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
Give shelter

Families who have fled violence, war and persecution are often then stripped of their basic rights in Australia, while waiting for an outcome to their legal status. People often live this - in limbo for years. During this time, more and more people, without the right to work, become destitute. Women and children are especially vulnerable during this time.

For the past 16 years, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) has supported and empowered over 3,000 refugees and people seeking asylum every year, helping provide a warm bed, food, education, employment support and much more. The ASRC gives them hope for a safer, brighter future.

Our Impact

$15 = gives a person seeking asylum in Australia a night of safe housing