• 7 reasons why The ANJELMS Project pieces are a good investment

    7 reasons why The ANJELMS Project pieces are a good investment
    Our fabric is hand spun and hand loomed which means that the natural weave of the fabric is ideal for breathability. We make our clothes exclusively using natural fibres of cotton and silk, because putting synthetic fabric on your skin is like wearing a plastic bag. Natural fibres ensure the ultimate comfort, and durability for everyday wear, and across all seasons.
  • The Process of Block Printing

    The Process of Block Printing
    Traditional block printing is a timeless art form that continues to captivate and inspire people worldwide. Its intricate designs, rich history, and cultural significance make it a treasure worth preserving. As we celebrate this ancient craft and the craftspeople who pour their heart and soul into every piece, let us also recognize the beauty and sustainability of handmade products in an increasingly mechanized world.
  • To Inspire And Get Inspired - Interview With Our New Intern, Sneha.

    To Inspire And Get Inspired - Interview With Our New Intern, Sneha.

    One thing that we are passionate about is people, and there is nothing more rewarding than being able to work alongside local emerging artists in our community. The Curtin University fashion intern program has helped us with that this year, as we have welcomed a vibrant, talented, intelegent and kind individual to our team for one day a week to inspire, learn with and grow our understanding of what it is to run a small fashion business. And what a better way to kickstart our blog writing again than with an interview with Sneha herself. 

    Watch this space, everyone - the future is looking bright for this young creative!

  • Happy Birthday Gaelle!

    Happy Birthday Gaelle!
    With the birthday of our founder and creator, Gaelle having just been, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate this incredible woman who has done so much for us to bring a fair and sustainable business to where it is today.
  • We Are Freo - Madeleine Beech

    We Are Freo - Madeleine Beech
    Meet Madeleine.By now you most of you would know Madeleine Beech as my daughter, the artist behind most of our prints but she is also an independent artist about to have her exhibition in Fremantle with her father. The joy of being able to create side by side with my daughter is a blessing in my life.
  • We Are Freo - Natalia Fidyka

    We Are Freo - Natalia Fidyka

    Meet Natalia Fidyka. I first met Natalia at our store on High St, Fremantle. Her energy, love of colour and her laughter are infectious. We have become friends over our love of India and her experience as a psychologist always comes with gentle advice on coping with life”s challenges. Her ANJELMS wardrobe is quite impressive and I treasure the stunning painting I bought from her. Her art like herself is a celebration of life, colour, the travels and people she meets.