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Wrap Dress - Teal Waffle Print

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4 pieces were made in each size.

Our best seller for so many years. This ankle-length dress has a tie feature that allows it to be worn in so many different ways, depending on your body shape and personal flair of style with accessories or the occasion you may wish to wear it too (check out our Instagram highlights and styling tab on our website to see the multitude of ways to wear this beauty). Its classic neckline and simple lines make it a perfect piece to take when travelling as you will never be under or overdressed with so many looks to choose from with one dress. It will work with any bra and allows easy movement and comfort thanks to its breathable hand spun, hand loomed cotton fabric. This version of the tie dress sees the teal waffle print bringing all of the joy and abundance of your childhood games, and at the same time a delicate natural elegance to your ethical wardrobe – it truly is a modular garment fit for every occasion!

Teal Waffle Print

Our Teal waffle print is a vibrant take of a classic block print pattern that has been so popular over the last years in indigo, red and last season in green. Like our classic stripes, this gingham effect is a timeless pattern in our collection given an organic touch through the expertise of our master block printer Pawan in the workshop of The Stitching Project, Pushkar, India.

Handloom Cotton
Hand-spun, hand woven, locally sourced KK40 medium weight khadi from Pushkar, India.

Each ANJELMS piece is signed by the craftsperson of The Stitching Project who was involved in its making.

All our plant dyes are G.O.T.S. certified and hand-dyed on the grounds of The Stitching Project gardens. All wastage water is reused for gardening purposes to reduce wastage and damaging effect on our environment.

Designed in Fremantle, Western Australia. Made ethically in Pushkar, India by The Stitching Project.