The ANJELMS Project

Waste Not, Want Not Quilts

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A tradition from the past, giving work to women and a new life to cloth leftovers in the present to create heirlooms to take into your future.

All quilts are based on khadi and hand weaves. Some have plain backs, some really follow the idea of using up leftovers and have printed backs.

The tops are all handwork, we have a file of ideas, pack a bag of colours and hand it over to the Stitching Ladies and let them work with it.

Indigo Quilt
Size 210 x 210 cm [84 x 84 in]
Design name: Pond Quilt
Made from different shades of natural plant dyed indigo khadi patches which have been hand-stitched together by the Stitching ladies of The Stitching Project. Natural reverse side.

Black And White Quilt
Size 210x210 cm 
[84 x 84 in] 
Design name: Log Cabin
Made from a mix of offcuts from our Humanity To Community prints and natural khadi. The red centre is traditional of a log cabin pattern as a symbol of the centre of the home.