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Men’s Shorts | Chakra Wheel Print

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Our Men’s Shorts are a block that hasn’t been seen for many collections, but we’re glad to see them make a return. These shorts are elasticated at the waist for comfort and sit above the knee for versatile wear from the beach, to lunch with the family along the foreshore, or lounging by the pool. Team it with your favourite basic tee or a crisp white shirt for a fresh Sunday weekend look.

These shorts can be worn on the waist, or slightly lower on the hips, and so are the perfect fluid pair of shorts for any gender. Complete with pockets, of course, pictured is our ‘We Are Freo’ Chakra Wheel Print, designed by local artist Dhruv Grover. The design has a strong nautical theme running through, as the Chakra also represents a ship's wheel, in that Fremantle is a Port City. Perfect to pair with a navy or indigo button-down, or our matching short sleeve top in the Chakra Wheel print. These shorts are such a universal classic, we don’t know why we haven’t released them sooner, and we hope you love them as much as we do!

The Chakra Wheel Print is designed by local, independent artist Dhruv Grover,  who comes from a background in Product and Graphic Design. The Ashoka Chakra wheel is situated in the middle of the Indian flag, and signifies that there is “life in movement and death in stagnation”. It represents the dynamics of peace and change, has deep roots in Dhruv’s cultural heritage, and also has nods to Fremantle as a port city in its similarity in design to a ship’s wheel. A print with such rich storytelling behind it, Dhruv describes his inspiration behind this print as “Life is a journey, wherever we go we must share our culture and keep the roots strong no matter where the wheel sways us”.

As always, our garments are designed in Fremantle, Western Australia. Made ethically from 100% hand-loomed Khadi Cotton in Pushkar, India by The Stitching Project. Designs are hand carved onto wooden blocks. Then Pawan, our block printer at The Stitching Project places each block onto the ink board. This process is repeated a hundred times over with amazing precision and experience to create the perfect patterns. All of our dyes are Global Organic Textile Standards (G.O.T.S) Certified, and our fabric and processes are Craftmark Certified. Each of our Garments is proudly signed by every craftsperson who has had a hand in making it.