The ANJELMS Project

Indigo Patchwork Jacket

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2 pieces made per size.

This Waste Not Want Not cropped jacket is made from mid to dark shade indigo square offcuts patchworked together expertly by the team at The Stitching Project. Contrast lining with our lightweight khadi cotton and white stitching over the entire garment makes for a staple piece in everyone’s ethical wardrobe. 

In collaboration with The Stitching Project, we are grateful to bring you a collection of Waste Not Want Not kimonos and jackets, along with our one-off quilts. Each are hand-stitched by the Ladies of The Stitching Project using offcuts of our previous and current collections, repurposing them and creating employment for the team during this increasingly difficult time that we find ourselves in globally.

With this in mind, all of our kimonos and jackets are therefore made from different weights of khadi cotton. As a hand spun and handwoven textile, each length of fabric has a slightly different quality and weight to it and may contain small blemishes (which we love and think adds character to the garment). From light dhoti (very light cotton) to LH, medium weight and KK20, medium/heavyweight cotton hand-weave. We have also used some of our luxurious slow machine woven silk cotton to offer you some unique textures in our jackets. All with ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ hand block printed over the left side of the chest, you can always have ethical living at heart.

Each piece shows the craftsmanship of the Ladies, as they are provided with the fabric strips and a file of ideas, but are ultimately responsible for each unique design through their hand stitching and eye for patchwork detail.

This will be a piece that will be treasured for a lifetime and beyond!