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Grocery Parcel

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In the light of the work shortages due to Covid 19 in Pushkar, we started a grocery parcel donation drive in order to provide much-needed weekly food for our team and their families.

As you know we believe that the best way to provide continued support for the team that makes our garments are by providing them with consistent work in the safe and fair work environment of our project. In times like this where it isn’t possible for most of the employees to get to work due to public transport being completely shut down, we had to find another way to support them, through all of their hard work for us over our years with them.

In our time over the past couple of weeks raising money to buy their families grocery parcels, we have calculated that $40 AUD will afford a family of 4 enough food for a week to sustain themselves.

Through this calculation, we have now made it possible for you to have the option to add a $40 payment to your online order so that we are able to continue to afford our exceptional team a fair chance to access basic food and water resources to survive until they can return to work.

We think that this is a great incentive to shop ethically and be able to provide for those in need at this time. We will be updating you all regularly in our newsletters to let you know how much we raise through this pandemic, as transparency is the key to the future of sustainable practice in business.