The ANJELMS Project

Long Pocket Pants - Indigo Stripes

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4 pieces were made in each size.
Wide leg pants with a high waist and elasticated back for comfort and an easy fit, our Summer pants are a great classic style. They have flat mid-leg side pockets details to keep a slim line on the hip. Team them up with the matching collared jacket for a crisp summer suit or a simple tee and sneakers.
Indigo Stripes Print

Our bold indigo mud resist stripe is inspired by the French bold stripes favoured in summer and symbolic of the French Riviera.

Handloom Cotton
Hand-spun, handwoven, locally sourced Khadi from Pushkar, India.
Mud Resist

The Dabu or mud resist print is a traditional printing technique of Rajasthan. Textiles are block-printed with a mix of melasses and mud which are then covered in sawdust and dried. When dip-dyed in natural indigo vats, the block-printed details resists the dye and allows the patterns to form. It is a time-intensive process that requires a long curing and subsequent washing of the fabric.

Each Anjelms piece is signed by the craftsperson of The Stitching Project that was involved in its making.

Designed in Fremantle, Western Australia. Made ethically in Pushkar, India by The Stitching Project.

Sara is 178cm (5'10") and wearing size M

Worn with:

Mel is 182cm (6′0″) and wearing size M

Worn with: