Smooth Ceramics

Clay Over Wine - Workshop

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From 6pm to 9pm 

Date: Thursday 15th October
Come and join us for a fun night of clay making over a glass of wine (or two, or three...) with Sonia from @smoothceramics at @storefib Fremantle Fibonacci Centre.
Ever wanted to learn how to create your very own Lip Balm sustainable treasure? Sonia invites you to a workshop night where you will learn to create and decorating your own ceramic pot filled with natural & organic lip balm. You can refill your ceramic pot for years and years or use it as a jewellery treasure keeper embracing the zero-waste, refill & repurpose intention!
What you will do:
Using the pinch pot technique you will create one (or two) ceramic pots and decorate it with imprints and underglazes over a glass of wine and relaxing atmosphere.
Followed by a delicious light but a nutritious meal prepared just for us by our next-door friends Mandap Cafe. If the stars align we might even be lucky to listen to some live music tunes!!!!
Back into the studio, Sonia will teach you how to make your own natural lip balm from raw materials and essential oils. You are welcome to bring your own essential oil if you prefer or use the ones provided. A variety of essences will be available for you to choose from. 
Sonia will collect your creations, glaze and fire it for you. You will be notified when your treasures are ready to be collected at @store.fib.
Who should come to this workshop?
Any person willing to explore creativity through clay or simply feeling to unwind from the daily stress. No previous knowledge or experience required, beginners friendly. 
What you will learn:
Clay hand-building techniques, clay decorating techniques, make a natural & organic lip balm.
What is provided:
  • All material for clay making
  • All raw ingredients and essential oils for Natural & Organic lip balm making
  • Wine/Bubbles
  • Light but nutritious meal (please let us know in time any diet requirements)
  • Live tunes (not guaranteed but we will try to arrange it)
  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • Expert advice and guidance
  • Artist and designer community in a space that will inspire you
What you will have at the end of the workshop:
  • 1x beautiful and functional ceramic pots treasure made and designed by you. 
  • 1x natural & organic lip balm refill to be used in your ceramic pot. 
  • Beautiful memories made to inspire mindful moments.
What to bring: 
Comfortable clothes or apron, a small hand towel and a happy smile!
$160(Drinks and dinner included)

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