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We Are Freo - Madeleine Beech

We Are Freo - Madeleine Beech

Meet Madeleine. By now you most of you would know Madeleine Beech as my daughter, the artist behind most of our prints but she is also an independent artist about to have her exhibition in Fremantle with her father. The joy of being able to create side by side with my daughter is a blessing in my life.

Tell us a little about yourself

I would describe myself as a multi-disciplinary Fremantle based Artist and Maker, working primarily with installation and sculpture.
 My practice is driven by an ‘intuitive making’ approach with an interest in material response, process, experimentation, play and the transformation of found objects and materials.

I also work with themes of memory, place, nostalgia, self and history. Aside from my art practice I work making ceramics for Belen Berganza and I have worked for The ANJELMS Project since 2016 in store and designing prints for the clothing collections. When I am not involved in a creative project, work or art I am spending time with family and friends enjoying what Fremantle has to offer.

What led you to Fremantle?

I’m a Fremantle local born and raised in White Gum Valley, I have lived in the same house almost all my life and there is ‘just something about this place’ as everyone says. Fremantle has offered me a strong sense of community, creativity and inclusitivity which has fuelled my life with so much joy and in so many other ways. Here I feel reassured, safe, supported and challenged. Fremantle provides a strong sense of place whilst also highlighting the importance of creatives, arts and culture.


What is the story behind your print?

My ‘We Are Freo’ print is inspired by Fremantle in the form of flock of birds and two stars. To me birds symbolise infinite possibilites, renewal and the transitions between life and death whilst also physically they take flight, migrate, nest, soar and they remind me of this beautiful port city and the freedom it provides to all who experience it. One bird is patterned to signify each of our individual selves and why not aim for the stars.

What are your favourite spots in Fremantle and any tips for visitors or newcomers?

Favourite spots in Fremantle would be The West End of Freo Town, Monument Hill, South Beach, Booyembarra Park, New Edition, most coffee shops, Percys, Mojos, Fremantle Markets and The Fibonacci Centre. I’m super lucky to call this place home.

Instagram @madeleine_beech


Photography by @raquelarand.a

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