Babar - Summer 20/21

Histoire De Babar – le petite elephant

Babar is a tale of a young elephant named Babar whos mother was killed by hunters. Babar escaped the jungle to the big city only to return to an elephant civilisation, the king of this civilisation dies and Babar becomes king of the elephant kingdom. Babar marries and has children, then teaches them valuable lessons. Although colonial the story of Babar depicts the freeing of elephants.

The story of Babar is a playful, absurd, yet wholesome tale that both my mother and I grew up with. We equally enjoyed the experience of colour, simple shapes, animals that are alike to humans and hot air balloons. These books encapsulate notions of both my mother and I’s childhood and French heritage.

This shared nostalgia through reading the books together founded the inspiration for this season's prints for the collection.