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Wrap Dress – Trophy Print Mud Resist Indigo

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This ankle-length dress has a tie feature that allows it to be worn in so many different ways (check out our styling tab on our website to see the multitude of ways to wear this beauty!) Its classic neckline and simple lines make it a perfect piece to take travelling as you will never be under or overdressed with so many looks to choose from with one dress. It will work with any bra and allow easy movement and comfort thanks to its breathable hand spun hand loomed khadi cotton. This is a vibrant, playful staple in your wardrobe. It brings all of the joy and abundance of summer by the ocean here in Perth and across the world wherever you are and has a delicate natural elegance – it truly is a modular garment fit for every occasion!

Featured in the trophy print, designed in collaboration with Brisbane based ceramic artist, Bonnie Hislop, this design is based off her iconic Trophy Ceramic art pieces. Using a mud resist technique, this print is hand block printed with a mud composition that is left to dry. It is then dipped several times in a natural indigo vat to achieve the deep Indigo blue that we know and love here at The ANJELMS Project. Once the fabric is dried from the indigo dips, the mud is then scraped off and washed to reveal the most beautiful negative print ready for you to rock throughout all the seasons.

Our garments are designed in Fremantle, Western Australia. Made ethically from 100% hand-loomed Khadi Cotton in Pushkar, India by The Stitching Project. Designs are hand carved onto wooden blocks. Then Pawan, our block printer at The Stitching Project places each block onto the ink board. This process is repeated a hundred times over with amazing precision and experience to create the perfect patterns. All our dyes are Global Organic Textile Standards (G.O.T.S) Certified, and our fabric and processes are Craftmark Certified. Each of our Garments is proudly signed by every craftsperson who has had a hand in making it.