The ANJELMS Project

Short Sleeve Top - Waffle Print

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Our short sleeve silk-cotton top is a neat, round neck shirt with soft, pre-cuffed sleeves that fall perfectly and allow for a flowy fit on the body. This is a great staple for anyone’s wardrobe, able to be paired with a neutral bottom, layered with a skivvy in the cooler months, or thrown over bathers and shorts in Summer. Printed in our iconic contrast white waffle print over indigo silk cotton, this top just shines against the Australian sky.

Because hand-dyeing practices are so precise, there have been many metres of silk cotton that haven’t met the standard for previous collections. We came up with this initiative with Fiona to block print iconic Anjelms prints over the indigo dyed fabric in white, which works with the imperfections to create a new story in each garment.

Made from repurposed fabric from The Stitching Project, this collection means a lot to us, as we believe sustainability means that no part of the production goes to waste, and through our ‘Waste Not Want Not’ Program, we are able to turn faults into features.