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  • To Inspire And Get Inspired - Marani

    To Inspire And Get Inspired - Marani

    Conor and Marani are a dynamic duo based in Walyalup - Fremantle. Both young, expressive, culturally and ethically conscious individuals. We imagine these two are the driving force of what the emerging youth endeavour to embody, especially when wearing The ANJELMS Project Clothing.

    As highly visual and creative people, Marani and Conor have a strong connection to our core values and brought a new perspective to our ‘Made by Hand’ collection.

    For us to have a shared experience with them both was engaging and insightful, with many perspectives, understanding and laughs involved.
    We now have the pleasure of gaining an insight into what fuels them creatively, what they are passionate about, and so much more after they agreed to sit down and chat to us in our journal interviews.

    First up is Marani.

    Who is Marani?

    I’m a proud, 23-year-old Jabirr Jabirr, Nyikina woman with connections to James Price Point and Fitzroy river country in the Kimberley. I enjoy being on my country up north and travelling to different places around the world, learning about diverse cultures, especially the uniqueness of First Nations people. I enjoy being creative and learning about art through different platforms.

    How would you describe your style?

    My style differs depending on the occasions and how I am feeling. I tend to be drawn towards more comfortable, laid back styled clothing, but I enjoy dressing up in outfits that compliment my body and experimenting with different colours. If I’m comfortable within the outfit I’m in, then I feel confident.

    What inspires you?

    I’m am inspired by strong, confident women. Women who uplift one another and encourage positivity towards inner confidence and self-love. Women who have the courage to speak up about issues they are passionate about, without feeling as though they will be judged or called out. I’m also inspired by the artistic landscape, and the diversity it brings for people to express themselves in many different ways.

    How do you live consciously?

    I try to live throughout each day with a positive mindset and appreciate how privileged I am to be in the position I am. I try be environmentally conscious, by limiting my plastic use, and eating less meat. I have been guilty of being a high end consumer, so I try to buy sustainable, local clothing brands, and shop at op shops as often as I can.

    What issues are you passionate about?

    As a young Aboriginal woman, I’m extremely passionate about bringing awareness to issues continually faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The prevailing social constructs people have towards Indigenous people such as stereotyping and racial discrimination is an ongoing issue that I’m determined to help bring consciousness to and change. I want to advocate for sharing knowledge about the complexities and uniqueness of Aboriginal culture and the dark history that still impacts communities today socially, culturally, politically and spiritually.

    What piece of Anjelms would you invest in?

    All the clothing pieces I find would be a great investment, especially to support local, ethical fashion. I have already invested in the reversible wrap skirt in indigo and hand print designed in collaboration with Perth artists, Madeleine Beech and Ómra Caoimhe. I would love my next investment to be one of the beautiful wrap dresses.

    Favourite piece and why?

    My favourite piece would again have to be the reversible skirt. I love the way you get two skirts in one, showing the indigo and the red hand prints.


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  • To Inspire And Get Inspired - Sonia Beato

    To Inspire And Get Inspired - Sonia Beato

    Who is Sonia? What do you do/what makes you jump out of bed in the morning? How did you meet Gaelle from The ANJELMS Project?

    Sonia is a creative soul born in Portugal but she likes to think she belongs to nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

    Since 12 years I have settled in Australia and created my beautiful family. As a creative artist I believe raising a family is the biggest white canvas life could ever give me. I feel I am ‘painting a beautiful picture’!!

    In my spare time from ‘painting this picture’ I also do ceramics. I do it as a mindful moment. When working with clay, my mind wanders through different kingdoms and realities, it takes me to a nowhere place where time is nonexistent. I talk through thoughts, I see new things and occasionally I am able to bring some treasures back with me. I am strongly inspired by nature and the organic form and each piece in my collection is a personal interpretation of elegance inter-twisted with the beauty of imperfection. 

    Nothing really makes me jump out of bed! I am an early night sleeper and a late morning raiser. I love to sleep!!! I love to dream! However the thought of starting a brand new day and the smell of freshly brewed coffee might trigger the moment! But let me tell you the truth, my kids have mastered this task!!

    I met Gaelle at the Bazaar Christmas Market at Fremantle Arts Centre where I got to know all the beautiful Anjelms creations and purchased wooden blocks (from Fair Trade) to add to my imprinting ceramic collection. They are beautiful and make stunning effects in my ceramics. The flower one is my favourite. I created an instagram post about my intentions, Gaelle showed great enthusiasm and since then we started collaborating. ‘I believe our creations come from the same world’ Gaelle once said. Indeed I believe it too and that is why I cannot have enough of the Anjelms ethically made treasures! 

    Sonia wears Wrap Dress - Madder

    Your ceramic practice and creations revolve strongly around daily rituals. How significant are those for you?

    I often think we live fast racing lives where time simply crumbles between our fingers. Consequently life becomes stressful and less pleasant. We give ourselves little time to stop, think and feel. When that happens often unhappiness arises. 

    But actually very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within the way we think, it is all in our mind! We just need to stop every now and then and remember it! 

    My creations are made to inspire these mindful moments where you can find a moment to breathe, balance, be grateful of what you are and find happiness within. 

    Sonia wears Wrap Dress - Madder

    You are a mother of two young children. How do you find the time and discipline to create, make and even have a small business?

    Hmm, great question, I wonder about it too! I could say it’s not always easy. However when you find your true talent and strongly believe in it, somehow the stars align and all things become possible. I’m sorry I cannot explain it in any other rational or engineering way... It’s really just this simple! So I keep believing, and all efforts come smoothly and little by little achieving moments of thankfulness are celebrated.  

    How has Covid affected/influenced your practice and how are you adapting?

    What crazy thing had to fall on us?!?! At the beginning I struggled to accept it. But life itself is a constant changing moment and part of what makes humans unique is the freedom to determine how we will act. I try my best to see all moments of life as a challenge to grow. I took action of the moment! In the unfortunate event of not being able to use the studio at Perth Studio Potters (which is a pottery artist club run by members) when the Covid restrictions set in, I decided to create my own little (very little) studio in the comforts of my own home. I was first reluctant to the idea of having small little fingers around my mindful creations but it works well and I often get visits from my little ones to offer some kind of help here and there. It’s a great way to show my children what I do and somehow get them involved and pass on the passion for handmade, design & craftsmanship.

    Since then, my work flows in a much more organic way. I have more time to do both jobs ‘a lifetime canvas painting’, ceramic making and all other little odd jobs that go into running a small business. 

    Sonia wears Unisex Button Up Shirt - Kashish Stripe and Fold Pants - Indigo

    Tell us 3 ethical practices you are committed to in your everyday life.

    Be kind to myself and others. I often try to explain this to my children, if we try our best to make people around us feel happy, then our life can only be of abundant happiness too, because we are all connected and energy bounces through our invisible chain of life. 

    Be loyal to the choices I make. Whenever we make a choice, it was possible for us to have made a different one. Somehow this may cause some controversy in our minds... I believe we make the choices we make because they needed to be made at that moment. From that action, a set of new possibilities happen that lead into change and consequently a constant growth. 

    Live within my means. Think sustainably and care for our environment. 

    What legacy would you like to leave?

    Inspire others to take ownership over daily habits and routines, and contribute to the reuse, refill, repurpose movement for a chance of a greener world - even though I am absolutely in love with all colours!! 

    Insta: @smoothceramics

    Facebook: @smoothceramicsperth


    Workshop details: 

    Clay Over Wine - Workshop, 15th October, 6pm to 9pm at Fremantle Fibonacci Centre

    Other event: 

    Perth Makers Market, 1st November at Applecross.

    Made on the Left, 6 December, Fremantle.

    Perth Makers Market, 13th December, Applecross.

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