• To Inspire And Get Inspired - Ben Bhullar

    To Inspire And Get Inspired - Ben Bhullar

    Over the last decade,  each of the visit of my loyal Anjelms supporter and friend Ai-chng would bring lengthy conversations about guiding our children into adulthood and their  chosen career path. 

    This is how I met Ben, Ai-Chng's son. From challenging him one day to spontaneously do a photo assignment in his early photographic student days to him picking a pile of garments himself this year to work with on his graduation project. I have been astounded by his evolution in subject matter, composition and the confidence that emulates from each shot.

    Today, I thought it was time to introduce you to his world of creativity.

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  • To Inspire And Get Inspired - Annette Wiguna

    To Inspire And Get Inspired - Annette Wiguna

    While I had known Annette for a few years even collaborating on our first eco dye event at the Fremantle Fibonacci Centre a couple of years ago, I really discovered the wonderful fibre artist, the gifted photographer, the generous human that Annette is, as well the committed sustainability community advocate and gentle friend over the many cups of chai from Mandap Café we have shared on our breaks from working in our adjacent studios in the community hub that our beloved Fib is.

    I hope this interview will help you discover the world of Annette Wiguna.

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  • Fabric Quarterly Issue 10

    Fabric Quarterly Issue 10

    This year we have decided to focus on our community and for us means listening to it, learning from it, meeting it, connecting with it, inspiring it, creating with it and supporting it in the same way it has supported us in the challenging past year.

    Our latest project with the local magazine, Fabric Quarterly, was designed with you all in mind.

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