Memory Cloth Project

The Memory Cloth Project needs YOU!

In this time of social distancing and isolation, we are giving you an opportunity to record your experience, feelings, frustrations, and learnings on this journey we are all on in a community cloth we are hoping to launch in an exhibition/celebration event when it is safe for us to gather again.
The guidelines are simple. Starting with a blank canvas of a 50x50cm piece of basic cotton cloth (calico, old sheets, etc). Use any of your skills (paint, draw, dye, print, stitch, bead, ceramic, etc), imagination, and creativity to illustrate what will be your memory of this experience. Once returned to us, each square will be stitched together to create a collective memory piece to remind us in years to come of our strengths, weaknesses, successes, mistakes and our learnings.
It is being said that most of us will come out of this with a new skill. Well, what a great way to start, to practice, and to connect.
So that this experience becomes a way to connect through the process, we have decided to create an Instagram page, @memoryclothproject and a Facebook Group, to allow you to send and share your ideas and videos of your progress. 
Together let's create a memory cloth that we can look at in years to come, reflect on, and show the next generation.

May the fun begin!

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Feel free to email us at or message us at @memoryclothproject or @theanjelmsproject with any questions.