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Sleeveless Shift Dress | Rainbow Container Key Print

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Our Sleeveless shift dress this season has a lengthened hem, as seen in our Hands On collection, with added deep split up on either side for more of a tunic feel. Still, with all of the elegance and ease of our cap sleeve dress, this sleeveless shift sits beautifully on those who want to elongate the figure, as the tunic is a straight up and down cut that lengthens and flows from its square shoulder cut, right down to the bottom hem. The sleeveless shift is also one of our fluid pieces in that it can be layered with our tailored or wide-leg pants on any gender and paired with a turtleneck and stockings in the cooler months, a belt, or cropped jacket for the effortlessly stylish look.

Pictured is the sleeveless shift in our ‘We Are Freo’ Collection Rainbow Container Key print, designed by local artist Sabine Figaro. Each container has beautifully detailed hand stitching by the team at The Stitching Project, to make the texture in this garment pop, and add that burst of joyful colour to your outfit. Hand Block printed in Pushkar on our hand-spun, hand-woven khadi cotton for a breathable, natural feel. Its classic shape will make it the perfect dress to wear for a family summer lunch with your favourite cardigan, a work lunch teamed with a classic blazer or an after-work drink with a denim jacket.

Sabine Figaro is a local, self-taught watercolour artist known for her bright, happy sketches of native Australian Flora and fauna. Sabine has such a vibrant, unique style, and with a background in microbiology, it is easy to see why Australian wildlife and the ocean are a constant inspiration in her work. Her Rainbow Container Key Design is a combination of two iconic symbols in Fremantle – the Rainbow shipping container sculpture on Canning Highway that overlooks the port, and the Round House prison which is one of Fremantle’s original buildings. Together, these symbols come together to form a key design, which represents the unlocking of one’s potential in a city that is full of creativity, adventure and possibilities. The two symbols also represent a sort of feeling of home for Sabine, as her home overlooks both the Shipping Container sculpture and the old Fremantle Prison.

As always, our garments are designed in Fremantle, Western Australia. Made ethically from 100% hand-loomed Khadi Cotton in Pushkar, India by The Stitching Project. Designs are hand carved onto wooden blocks. Then Pawan, our block printer at The Stitching Project places each block onto the ink board. This process is repeated a hundred times over with amazing precision and experience to create the perfect patterns. All of our dyes are Global Organic Textile Standards (G.O.T.S) Certified, and our fabric and processes are Craftmark Certified. Each of our Garments is proudly signed by every craftsperson who has had a hand in making it.