octubre 20, 2020

To Inspire And Get Inspired - Marani

To Inspire And Get Inspired - Marani

Conor and Marani are a dynamic duo based in Walyalup - Fremantle. Both young, expressive, culturally and ethically conscious individuals. We imagine these two are the driving force of what the emerging youth endeavour to embody, especially when wearing The ANJELMS Project Clothing.

As highly visual and creative people, Marani and Conor have a strong connection to our core values and brought a new perspective to our ‘Made by Hand’ collection.

For us to have a shared experience with them both was engaging and insightful, with many perspectives, understanding and laughs involved.
We now have the pleasure of gaining an insight into what fuels them creatively, what they are passionate about, and so much more after they agreed to sit down and chat to us in our journal interviews.

First up is Marani.

Who is Marani?

I’m a proud, 23-year-old Jabirr Jabirr, Nyikina woman with connections to James Price Point and Fitzroy river country in the Kimberley. I enjoy being on my country up north and travelling to different places around the world, learning about diverse cultures, especially the uniqueness of First Nations people. I enjoy being creative and learning about art through different platforms.

How would you describe your style?

My style differs depending on the occasions and how I am feeling. I tend to be drawn towards more comfortable, laid back styled clothing, but I enjoy dressing up in outfits that compliment my body and experimenting with different colours. If I’m comfortable within the outfit I’m in, then I feel confident.

What inspires you?

I’m am inspired by strong, confident women. Women who uplift one another and encourage positivity towards inner confidence and self-love. Women who have the courage to speak up about issues they are passionate about, without feeling as though they will be judged or called out. I’m also inspired by the artistic landscape, and the diversity it brings for people to express themselves in many different ways.

How do you live consciously?

I try to live throughout each day with a positive mindset and appreciate how privileged I am to be in the position I am. I try be environmentally conscious, by limiting my plastic use, and eating less meat. I have been guilty of being a high end consumer, so I try to buy sustainable, local clothing brands, and shop at op shops as often as I can.

What issues are you passionate about?

As a young Aboriginal woman, I’m extremely passionate about bringing awareness to issues continually faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The prevailing social constructs people have towards Indigenous people such as stereotyping and racial discrimination is an ongoing issue that I’m determined to help bring consciousness to and change. I want to advocate for sharing knowledge about the complexities and uniqueness of Aboriginal culture and the dark history that still impacts communities today socially, culturally, politically and spiritually.

What piece of Anjelms would you invest in?

All the clothing pieces I find would be a great investment, especially to support local, ethical fashion. I have already invested in the reversible wrap skirt in indigo and hand print designed in collaboration with Perth artists, Madeleine Beech and Ómra Caoimhe. I would love my next investment to be one of the beautiful wrap dresses.

Favourite piece and why?

My favourite piece would again have to be the reversible skirt. I love the way you get two skirts in one, showing the indigo and the red hand prints.


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