mayo 23, 2023

To Inspire And Get Inspired - Interview With Our New Intern, Sneha.

To Inspire And Get Inspired - Interview With Our New Intern, Sneha.

One thing that we are passionate about is people, and there is nothing more rewarding than being able to work alongside local emerging artists in our community. The Curtin University fashion intern program has helped us with that this year, as we have welcomed a vibrant, talented, intelligent and kind individual to our team for one day a week to inspire, learn with and grow our understanding of what it is to run a small fashion business. And what a better way to kickstart our blog writing again than with an interview with Sneha herself. 

Watch this space, everyone - the future is looking bright for this young creative! 


Tell me a bit about yourself and what you do.

I'm Sneha and I'm 21 years old. I'm currently in my third year of fashion design degree at Curtin University. I had an interest in fashion design since I was in high school. I was an artistic student and I would spent my free time doing illustrations.

That's interesting. When did you know that fashion is want you wanted to do as a career?

I initially didn't think I could have a career in fashion as I was told it's impossible and everyone around me advised to not study it at university. I was still confused and clueless even after I graduated school. But then I realised that for me there's nothing more I would want than see people wear my creation and it was mainly about leaving a legacy behind that I will be identified by. I would say it's also that determination and stubbornness to have my own label. Something I can be known for. That feeling is a big honour for me. Something more than money could buy.

It is not just about owning a brand but creating a brand that is revolutionary, created a positive change, solved a fashion problem. It has to be progressive.



What an amazing dream! I like how want to do something meaningful in fashion. Now, tell me, what do you aim to specialise in fashion?

One of the biggest concerns we have the environmental issues and we know that fashion is one of the top industries to contribute to the ever growing environmental problems. I want to use this as a weapon to create change. Though it won't be significant, it'll inspire others to do their part.

Sustainable fashion? Interesting. How did you get into eco fashion ?

I had little knowledge about sustainable fashion and thrifting prior to joining fashion school. My two years of studying has exposed me to the world of sustainable fashion which enriched my interest and concern for the topic. I engaged in a variety of sustainable fashion methods and practices. Some of which include zero waste project, thrifting, upycycling, recycling, natural dyeing and many more. My venture into these practices inspired me to start a sustainable fashion, though it may not solve all issues, it can contribute to discouraging fast fashion.

It's good to hear your concern for the environment and I find it intriguing that you want to approach fashion with a sustainable mindset.

Thank you. It is a challenging concept because when you're designing a garment with that mindset, you have to consider the production of fabrics and ensure it is all naturally produced and dyed. And especially since my designs are zero waste, I need to make sure that it is versatile, looks good and wearable. And most of all, it should offer ease of movement and comfort.



Yes, I agree. Comfort is one of the key things everyone looks for when buying clothes. Now, tell me more about journey of internship at The ANJELMS Project.

I reached out to The ANJELMS Project early 2023 for an internship. It wasn't compulsory for us to do an internship, but I personally wanted to, to get an experience working and learning about how a brand works.

After I did some researching, I found the The ANJELMS Project and I felt it matched my values. Mainly that it was a 100% sustainable brand. I was very keen to know more about this brand: how their design process and production works

I was impressed and shocked about the design process, how much dedication and workload that goes into creating a one single garment. I was keen to know more about them based on my research on their website.

That's impressive. So what have you been doing and learning so far?

It has been 2 months since I've started at The ANJELMS Project. So far I have learnt about how a product is priced and everything involved in design process. I volunteered to model for the product and lifestyle shoot. Alongside, I'm working on four zero waste designs for The ANJELMS Project. It is currently a work-in-process.

What is interesting about The ANJELMS Project is their designs are not limited to certain body sizes. I personally would describe their clothes as being universal. The prints and designs are timeless.

That's gotten me excited. I should probably check it out. Do you have favourite pieces of theirs?

My personal favourite of The ANJELMS Project is their cropped jacket. It has unique details; it has drawstring on side seam which allows freedom for the jacket to be worn more than one way.

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