octubre 30, 2020

To Inspire And Get Inspired - Conor

To Inspire And Get Inspired - Conor

Conor and Marani are a dynamic duo based in Walyalup - Fremantle. Both young, expressive, culturally and ethically conscious individuals. We imagine these two are the driving force of what the emerging youth endeavour to embody, especially when wearing The ANJELMS Project Clothing.

As highly visual and creative people, Marani and Conor have a strong connection to our core values, and brought a new perspective to our ‘Made by Hand’ collection.

For us to have a shared experience with them both was engaging and insightful, with many perspectives, understanding and laughs involved.
We now have the pleasure of gaining an insight into what fuels them creatively, what they are passionate about, and so much more after they agreed to sit down and chat to us in our journal interviews.

Finally, we would like to introduce you to Conor.

Who is Conor?

I would describe myself as having a fairly quiet nature, as well as having a strong sense of being independent. I enjoy my me time but I also like to keep a wide range of different people around me in my social life.

How would you describe your style?

Dashes of colour with black as my base.

What inspires you?

Stories of adventure. Reading, hearing or seeing stories of adventure whether they are fictional or real is quite entertaining and inspiring.

How do you live consciously?

I try to adhere to an ethical standard with the way I consume things. For example I nearly entirely do all my shopping at the opshops. I don't eat meat unless it's ethically/sustainably sourced and even then this is only on the rare occasion. I try avoid dairy. I try to recycle responsibly and tend to choose products that have minimal packaging as I'm quite conscious about the amount of waste I produce. I could probably go on more but now I'm starting to think I'm bragging.

What issues are you passionate about?

Environmental issues is what I'm most passionate about, especially waste reduction and species protection.

What piece of Anjelms would you invest in?

The wide leg pants are super comfy, they're definitely a favourite of mine.

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