marzo 08, 2019

The ANJELMS Project Showcasing In The Identity Runway

The ANJELMS Project Showcasing In The Identity Runway

What a weekend we had in Melbourne!

We needed a good reason to do the trek from our beloved Fremantle, WA and how worth it it was.

Opening the celebrations of 10 days of the best fashion Australia has to offer during VAMFF, we were invited by Claire Goldsworthy from The Fashion Advocate to participate in the independent runway, Identity

“Identity is a culmination of national design story .Through fashion and design, we advocate for social justice, environmental sustainability and global equality.

Through fashion, we embrace the identity we already own and the identity we desire to create.”

Claire delivered an incredibly high standard event in the beautiful gardens of Como House in South Yarra. Gathering 342 guests, including ethical bloggers, journalists, ethical enterprises, and individuals passionate about creating change in the fashion industry through ethical, sustainable and fair trade practices.

This evening showcased 15 ethical brands from all over Australia and showed us that ethical fashion is one step closer to becoming the norm. Ethical fashion has become so diverse from the exquisite knitwear from Loris Clothing to the eco dyed garments of BirdTribe Wearable Art, luxury sleepwear from Tatyana Design, light linen pieces of Zoe.O The Label, the swimwear from Shapes In The Sand, the bold colourful designs from Colour Coded Clothing, the fine woollen pieces from Smitten Merino and so many other amazing ethical designers.

Ethical fashion is now easier than ever to find with so many advocates and bloggers guiding our community through their choices. A few bloggers and advocates that we met on the night include  Kate of Ethically Kate, Kira Simpson of The Green Hub, Sam from Eco.MonoAna from The Second Runway, the duo from Future King and Queen, and fellow Perthians Molly Farai and Stacy. They were all out in force to discover and support our emerging brands and it meant so much to all of us. Together, we are building a strong community with a strong message of advocacy and change. What meant so much to me was how genuinely passionate each individual from the labels showing, bloggers, photographers, sponsors and volunteers were willing to share experiences, challenges, obstacles and successes.

So thank you Claire for showing us that we are not isolated in Western Australia, and that we are part of something bigger. Ethical fashion is based on quality craftsmanship, and it is diverse and unique allowing individuality while respecting our planet and its people.

- Gaelle


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