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  • How to tie your ANJELMS Wrap Dress

    How to tie your ANJELMS Wrap Dress
    We always get asked, "How do I tie my wrap dress", so we have finally got round to making a tutorial video on 10 ways to tie our signature wrap dress.
    There are probably a million and one different ways to tie this versatile dress so if you come up with new ways to tie it, be sure to share it with us! Post on social media and tag us @theanjelmsproject and use the hashtag #anjelmswrapdress.

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  • Waste Not Want Not Quilts

    Waste Not Want Not Quilts

    We are very thankful to bring you this amazing collection of unique quilts, each hand-stitched by the Stitching Ladies of The Stitching Project as well as numbered, catalogued and hand-signed. These quilts are part of our Waste Not Want Not collaboration project with The Stitching Project using off-cuts from our clothing collections, giving them new purpose and creating employment for the team of the Project, especially during this challenging times.

    All quilts are therefore made from different weight khadi (hand-spun and handwoven cotton) and light dhoti (very light cotton) to LH, medium weight and KK20, medium/heavyweight cotton hand-weave. We have also used some of our luxurious slow machine woven silk cotton to offer you some unique throws.

    Most are reversible with unique hand-stitch work on either side showing the Ladies’ craftsmanship skills and their creativity as the Ladies are originally given a bag coloured strips and a file of ideas but ultimately responsible for their final designs.

    Our quilts will become family heirlooms to be treasured by generations to come.

    Our new quilts are one of kind:

    • Using offcuts of our collections to minimise wastage
    • Reversible
    • Numbered and hand signed by its maker
    • Handstitched


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