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Meet Melanie Hinds, Photographer behind The Ultimate Play Date visuals

Meet Melanie Hinds, Photographer behind The Ultimate Play Date visuals
As part of our creative collaboration for our Ultimate Play Date Collection with Bonnie Hislop, we have teamed up with so many exceptional Australian based creatives to bring this collection to life! 
Meet Melanie Hinds, Meanjin based Photographer and creative.
Who are you and what inspires you?
Hey I'm Melanie, a Meanjin based photographer whose practice spans a range of applications. From fashion to personal projects exploring the human experience. I utilise an editorial aesthetic in delivering a documentary style to create a unique interpretation of the medium.  I am inspired by social justice and am always looking for ways to share it through my imagery with bold curated work that act to deliver a deeper message.
When did you discover your love for Photography and when did your journey begin?
I got my first polaroid camera when I was 12 for Christmas from my mum and at first I actually wanted to photograph funerals and war zones but after 9 years as a dog handler in the military I instead started shooting weddings and fell in love with the styled component of the wedding. I soon moved to Artists and fashion where I use a documentary style of photography by telling the story of the artist but adding an editorial flare that makes it unique to my own eye. 
Talk us through your creative space and process – what does creativity mean to you in your everyday life? 
I've had somewhat of a colourful life - growing up quite poor and travelling around a lot. I think I've always found that I may not have control of what's around me but I do have control of my style and what I choose to create. I love to explore fem struggles and I always find that I dive into my own lived experiences to help my art connect with others on a nostalgic level. 
What is a project you are most proud of so far and why?
I’m proud of everything I create because it takes a little piece of me to produce it. I have work’s coming in the future that are long term and that really ignite me, but I am just as proud of a solo portrait as a large fashion shoot or body of work.
What drew you to collaborate with The ANJELMS Project – what do you think connects us creatively?
I originally reached out to Gaelle on a previous collection as I was inspired by her beautiful garments, along with a story they tell and how I could interpret that in my own work. I was given full creative freedom and have been ever since. It's been an organic relationship that has developed over time, with trust. It feels like family. 
What would you like your legacy to be?
I want people all around the world to look at my work and feel like they are inspired, heard and powerful. 

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