marzo 23, 2023

Happy Birthday Gaelle!

Happy Birthday Gaelle!

With the birthday of our founder and creator, Gaelle having just been, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate this incredible woman who has done so much for us to bring a fair and sustainable business to where it is today.

A strong believer in people and community, Gaelle works to support not only the women and their families who work at our partner and producer, The Stitching Project; but also locally to foster creativity for everyone. Gaelle works closely with her daughter Madeleine, a constructive and visual artist living and practicing in Fremantle, to design most of our collections. The entire Perth based ANJELMS Project team are diverse women, and since our time at our High Street store, we have worked with emerging artists, designers and fashion students from Curtin University to give them an experience in working with an independent, ethical and creative business.

This is one of the many reasons why the creative hub of Fremantle remains so important to us at The ANJELMS Project. From the industrial arts quarter that is home to The Fremantle Fibonacci Centre (where our Store @ Fib shop is), The Fremantle Markets where our Collab shop is, or at countless markets, workshops, runways and events we have been a part of locally throughout the years. We are privileged to be able to have made, and continue to make connections through the passionate individuals who live, work and pass through Fremantle.

Our ‘We are Freo’ Collection is a celebration of all of these things, and with the launch of our second we are Freo capsule and restock of much loved items from the original collection, there is no better way to celebrate Gaelle’s own connection and influence as a creative in Fremantle. Gaelle is continually investing in ways that she can better herself, others and her business. She looks to foster great creative collaborations, and this year alone, we as a brand are working towards being Fair Trade Certified, travelling to India to document the production process in depth and with full transparency, and allowing a platform for fellow creatives through our involvement with upcoming runways and photo shoots with independent photographers and creatives.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming India blogs and Instagram content, and set your alarms for the restock of our ‘We Are Freo’ collection: coming this week!!

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