Our Story

The ANJELMS Project is a Walyalup/Fremantle-based ethical and sustainable fashion brand that celebrates traditional techniques such as hand-looming, block-printing and hand-stitching, and empowers the makers of our clothes to earn a fair wage from their work. Helping improve the quality of people’s lives is our raison d’etre, but we know that we can’t do this without incorporating sustainable production practices into everything we do – to us, people and planet are inextricably linked. 

 Each of our garments is made from hand-loomed khadi cotton fabric, and is hand-block-printed or hand-dyed and sewn by our partners The Stitching Project – a solar-powered social enterprise based in Pushkar, Rajasthan. To encourage people to consider the hands that made their clothing and to foster a tangible connection between the maker and the wearer, every item is personally signed by the sewist – changing the narrative from ‘made in’ to ‘made by’, and inviting people to think about their wardrobe in a new light. 


As well as our community in India, we are passionate about building and contributing to our local community here in Australia, and our two Walyalup/Fremantle stores allow us to engage with people, share the story behind our clothing, and allow customers to experience the quality and magic of our pieces before they buy.

What we stand for

We stand for paying a fair wage for quality work. We stand for helping to keep traditional skills alive. We stand for non-toxic natural dyes and repurposing fabric scraps. We stand for helping to conserve and respect the planet. We stand for reusing, reducing and recycling. We stand for stylish, comfortable and unique clothing for every person. We stand for making small everyday changes to work towards a bigger goal. We stand for 100% transparency, and always striving to do better. We stand for the power cloth has to connect people. We stand for helping to create radical change in the fashion industry. 

Workers at The Stitching Project for The Anjelms Project

Our mission

Raising awareness of the global Fair Trade movement is a huge part of our mission, because we believe that a world where every worker is protected by an international code of conduct is worth striving for. We are currently in the process of becoming Fairtrade Certified, and we’re passionate about adhering to – and advocating for – the Ten Principles of Fair Trade, as outlined by the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand. A constant presence on our founder Gaëlle’s desk, every decision we make as a company is run through these principles to ensure that the craftspeople we work with are protected, respected and empowered.