The Ajrakh Collection

The Ajrakh Collection was born from a visit at the workshop of Ajrakh master printer Suffyian Khatri and his father Dr Ismail Khatri in Ajrakhpur, Gujarat. Eight years ago, after finding a small pile of Ajrakh cotton at The Stitching Project that Fiona had bought during one of trip to Gujarat, I was mesmerised by the beauty of this natural dye and block print process and the piece got included in our collection. Meeting its maker Suffyian last February in his workshop was like entering Ali Baba's cave full of piles of exquisite textile treasures. It is his generosity in sharing his knowledge of the art of Ajrakh and his commitment to keep his cultural heritage alive, a craft central to the life of his community's cultural history and tradition that inspired me to give Ajrakh the platform it deserves as an art form .

Enjoy the beauty of traditional Ajrakh, a collaboration between The ANJELMS Project and Suffyian Khatri