November 07, 2022

We Are Freo - Tomoe Echo

We Are Freo - Tomoe Echo

Meet Tomeo. I have been working side-by-side with Tomeo since she took over the café next to our Store @ Fib at the Fremantle Fibonacci Centre. Tomeo and her team at Hinata Café have brought so much life into our world and she has created a beautiful sanctuary for all the artists at the Fib and a meeting place for our customers nurturing us with her amazing traditional Japanese food. Most of all I love our daily chats, sharing our life experiences as mothers, migrants and small business owners. Her amazing spirit inspires me every day and I love learning everyday about Japanese culture and the wonderful Japanese community in Fremantle.

Tell us a little about yourself 

I am mother, daughter and Hinata cafe owner. I love meeting new and old customers at my café, serving them as well as cooking. 

I love the time I share with customers about my memories of Japan. I am always interested to especially watch people’s eyes when they talk about Japan and see what they noticed about Japanese way, its beauty. Many people felt in touch with their their heart when they were in Japan.

What led you to Fremantle?

I almost ran away from Japanese traditional way which was making feel so small. I met an Australian English teacher who told me "to be free". So, 6 months after I met her, I was in Freo!

What is the story behind your print?

My home town is  a fisherman town called Kochi. The Kochi fisherman used to spend months at sea in the South Pacific Ocean. The Fremantle Port was an important place for fisherman to get fresh food, petrol, and connect with human beings! 

What are your favourite spots in Fremantle and any tips for visitors or newcomers?

I love the Fremantle Arts Centre and of course, Hinata Cafe.

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Photography by @raquelarand.a

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