November 07, 2022

We Are Freo - Dhruv Grover

We Are Freo - Dhruv Grover

Meet Dhruv Grover. Dhruv has been working in his family business at the Fremantle Markets next to our Collab store for many years. We live and breathe Freo for 3 days every week there.  We talk about India whenever the day quietens down. Managing his own design career, the family business as well a young marriage is one thought that brings me back to the early ANJELMS years and I thought this project would be an ideal escape.

Tell us a little about yourself

"Third dimension is where we all cease to exist in the physical world"

From Dhruv's perspective, the physical world is all made up of applications of the 3D fundamentals. Consisting of various concepts that manifest into different physical elements, his designs evoke an emotional attachment to the product. The key is to relate and connect people to that desirable designed product. This is the skill that he has harnessed from his past work experience in the study of Industrial Design. He envisions the design industry catalyzing the need for the latest technology for an enriched and flourishing lifestyle for a better world ahead. The synchronization of the physical elements appeals to Dhruv as a designer from all the six senses that we possess. He anticipates the need for a client and the user to associate in harmony. He incorporates the aesthetics of a product with its functionality and the interactive experience to affect simultaneously.

“Imagine the moment when you feel that this is everything you wanted”

This is the passion that derives from the open-mindedness of this artist to achieve that exhilaration in physical forms for those who embrace the art of design. This is Dhruv’s endowment and the key to innovations. Along with the new technology dominating today's behavioral patterns, he wishes to develop his talent in Product Design, UX Design, Design Project Management, and Creative Consultancy. He is enthusiastic about research and development in various design and art projects. He has a background in Games and Graphic Design. All this has helped him to develop his crafting skills and relate them intelligently to incorporate his sustainable product designs.

What led you to Fremantle?

Fremantle, WA, is the place where Dhruv anchored his journey from India. What brought him closer to Fremantle is its local people, the creative culture, and the bustling seasonal tourism to this heritage side of town that always blooms with the good vibes. Dhruv, resorted to Fremantle to make his place of work, worship, and abode.

He also manages his family business (Lucky Elephant) which is now  established nearly a decade, situated in the main Fremantle Markets, retailing all handcrafted goods made in India. Knowing what makes Fremantle a distinctive place, he shares his colorful religion of India with thousands of visitors around the world coming to Fremantle!

What is the story behind your print?

Ashoka Chakra Ship’s Wheel Print Design:

The design Dhruv created relates to his country India, the Ashoka Chakra wheel is situated in the middle of the Indian flag. The chakra signifies, “that there is life in movement and death in stagnation. It represents the dynamism of a peaceful change”. The nautical ship wheel handlebars portray the vibrant port of Fremantle. Knowing that the residing migrants of this town are the real spark that makes Fremantle so unique and a highly vibrational place. Life is a journey, wherever we go we must share our culture and keep the roots strong no matter where the wheel sways us and turns us to a direction unknown, but wherever we go we must accept, learn, grow and respect all and best be one with the community!

What are your favourite spots in Fremantle and any tips for visitors or newcomers?

Dhruv’s Favorite Spots in Freo: Bathers Beach, WA Shipwreck Museum, Esplanade Park, Rainbow Sea Container, South & North Mole Lighthouse, Monument Hill Memorial Reserve, South Beach, Fomo Freo & Fremantle Markets. Fremantle is one place where modern urban scapes mingle with old heritage sites. There is a lot to do in Fremantle, especially on the weekends, Dhruv recommends planning your trip around the Easter holidays and catching up on the famous Fremantle International Street Arts Festival during the month of April.

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