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Unisex long sleeve shirt Ajrakh silk modal indigo/madder

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Introducing our Unisex Long Sleeve Shirt, a luxurious piece handcrafted in Silk Modal and Ajrakh handblock printed by master printer Suffiyan Khatri, dyed in shades of red, indigo, and madder. Silk Modal is a blend of silk and modal fibers, combining the lustrous sheen of silk with the softness and durability of modal. This unique fabric offers a luxurious feel, drapes beautifully, and is breathable for all-day comfort.

The intricate Ajrakh handblock print adds a touch of traditional craftsmanship to the contemporary design of the shirt, showcasing exquisite patterns and designs created with precision and skill. The use of natural dyes such as red, indigo, and madder not only results in rich and vibrant colors but also promotes sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices.

The unisex silhouette of the shirt ensures versatility and can be styled in various ways for both casual and formal settings. The long sleeves provide added coverage and warmth, making it a perfect choice for transitional seasons. Elevate your wardrobe with this elegant shirt that combines artistry, quality, and comfort in a timeless and stylish piece.