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Waste Not Want Not Tank Tie Top Patchwork Lac Dye

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Discover the artistry and sustainability of our Waste Not Want Not Tank Tie Top. Each piece stands as a testament to conscious fashion, crafted from handspun, handwoven Khadi cotton off-cuts collected from our previous collections. The vibrant and earthy tones of indigo, madder, marigold, catechu, lac, and gallnut naturally dye these unique fabrics. Hand-stitched with love and care by the skilled Stitching Ladies of the Stitching Project, every top radiates individuality and craftsmanship.

The Tank Tie Top combines traditional patchwork design with modern aesthetics, featuring adjustable tie sides for a customizable fit. Perfect for layering or standing alone, its patchwork squares narrate a story of heritage, sustainability, and beauty. Add a touch of ethical elegance to your wardrobe with this unique piece that embodies our commitment to zero waste and timeless style.

- Handspun, handwoven Khadi cotton
- Naturally dyed with indigo, madder, marigold, catechu, lac, and gallnut
- Unique patchwork design
- Hand-stitched by the Stitching Ladies of the Stitching Project
- Adjustable tie sides for a perfect fit
- Ethical and sustainable fashion

**Care Instructions:**
To maintain the vibrancy and integrity of your Tank Tie Top, hand wash separately in cold water with mild detergent. Avoid direct sunlight when drying to preserve natural dyes.

**Why You'll Love It:**
Each Tank Tie Top is a one-of-a-kind creation, reflecting your commitment to sustainable fashion and the rich tradition of handcraftsmanship. Make a bold, ethical fashion statement with Waste Not Want Not.