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Long Sleeve Shirt Dress - Arabesque

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4 pieces were made in each size.

The long sleeve shirt dress is a great relaxed summer option. Like any classic old fashioned work dress, it has a crisp collar to protect the neck, a 3 button front placket, sleeves tab for a rolled up option and a back placket for ease of movement. It has certainly become a favourite for new mums who like the easy feeding options but is a loved item for the sun conscious, the artists who love a good smock, the minimalists who will wear it buttoned up with docs. But then I have seen it on classic beauties with pearls and loafers and thrown over bathers as a summer cover-up.

Arabesque Print

Arabesque is a personal interpretation by Madeleine Beech of the patterns seen on many architectural masterpieces in Rajasthan. It evokes a mix of traditional dance poses, meditative positions and beautiful ornate lamps, a snapshot of moments catching our eyes. It is made from two hand-carved wooden blocks fitting into each other, each bringing the red or black detail and printed by Pawan, block printer of The Stitching Project.

Handloom Cotton
Hand-spun, handwoven, locally sourced Khadi from Pushkar, India.
Hand Block Printed
Designs are hand-carved onto wooden blocks. Then Pawan, our block printer at The Stitching Project, places each block onto the cloth after dipping the block into the ink board. This process is repeated hundred times over with amazing precision and experience to create the perfect patterns.

Each Anjelms piece is signed by the craftsperson of The Stitching Project that was involved in its making.

Designed in Fremantle, Western Australia. Made ethically in Pushkar, India by The Stitching Project.

Bianca is 173cm (5'8") and wearing size S