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Apron Dress - Sage

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4 pieces available per size.
Our classic apron dress is back this season in a beautiful sage tone made from a mix of myrobalan and indigo plant dye on a crisp handspun, handwoven khadi cotton.

With adjustable shoulder straps that can be knotted straight or crossed over, it is a versatile addition to any wardrobe. The long ties on either side can be loosely knotted at the back for a comfortable apron look over a tee in Summer or polo-neck knit and pants or tights in the Winter. The ties can be wrapped high around the waist for a more fitted dress look.

This timeless classic has been a long-time favourite and the perfect piece to start your ethical journey.

Each Anjelms piece is signed by the craftsperson of The Stitching Project who was involved in its making.

Designed in Fremantle, Western Australia. Made ethically in Pushkar, India by The Stitching Project.

Rae is wearing size S/M
  • Plant Dye
  • Care
  • All our plant dyes are G.O.T.S. certified and hand-dyed on the grounds of The Stitching Project gardens. All wastewater is reused for gardening purposes to reduce wastage and damaging effects on our environment.

  • Do NOT bleach your plant based dyed garments. Gentle warm wash as per the care label instructions and dry in the shade. Darker shades of plant dyeing such as indigo do rub slightly in the first couple of wears as they are such dense colours, but are pre washed between the dyeing process and the block print/cutting stages of production.