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To Inspire and Get Inspired - Natalia Fidyka

To Inspire and Get Inspired - Natalia Fidyka

Who is Natalia? What do you do? 3 words that would describe you as a person

Ah.  The eternal question. Natalia is an expression of the universe, experiencing being a psychologist, self-taught artist and obsessive fur-baby mom! Three words? Quirky, optimistic and occasionally preoccupied with death.

Natalia Fidyka - The Anjelms Project

Natalia wears Long Button Tie Dress - Jaipur Floral

We as a project are very passionate about our connection to community, culture, and craftsmanship. As an artist and therapist, what role do they play in your practice?

Much of my art is inspired by cultures outside my own and capturing the essence of the world around me which includes people, places and nature.  Travelling through the world, I have found that creating art inspired by these adventures is like absorbing the world into my being. In the creation process, I deeply absorb where I’ve been, by drawing and painting.  It is a very satisfying and visceral experience.

Witnessing how much people can resonate or be moved by my drawings really touches me too, and has helped me realise that the art I create isn’t just for me, it is for others too.

Last year I was in Mongolia, and after much contemplation, I stayed back from the final climb. Instead, I watched eagles hunt whilst painting the campground and the mountains behind.  I was happily painting when I realised the cook ‘Bogi’ was looking over my shoulder, moved to tears when she saw that I had actually painted her cook tent. It became this beautiful moment between us.  I gave her the painting, and now a piece of me lives in remote Mongolia, whilst a piece of her and the mountains, lives on with me. Art is connecting, and precious. Art in its meaning and purpose is so deep and sprawling I just couldn’t cover it all here! In a nutshell, it is awesome hahaha.

Natalia Fidyka - The Anjelms Project

Therapeutically I spend a lot of time supporting people in connecting more deeply with themselves and with others.  We are a society hungry for true, and authentic connection. Community is where we thrive, where we can feel safe, supported and celebrated. The key to feeling connected is in the sharing of our true selves, and this is where people struggle.  It takes courage to unveil and unmask, it requires believing that perhaps I am actually enough as I am. This is where life gets golden.

Most recently I’ve also broadened my definition of community to include nature, and have started opening up nature-based therapy sessions. The healing power of nature is profound and fundamental to our wellbeing, and we need to realise our interconnectedness for our own flourishing, and that of the earth.

Art, creativity, and craftsmanship is the ultimate act of self-expression. To create something is to share something of yourself, to say something, and be vulnerable. It is an act of rebellion in a world that often tells you who you should be. It is a gift from one person to another, that encourages each to be themselves.

Natalia wears Wrap Shirt Madder and Wrap Skirt Long - Pushkar Rose

Tell us 3 ethical or conscious actions you do in your daily life?

I have such a long way to go, and I have to remind myself that the system is set up in a way that does make it challenging to take any steps without some cost to the ecosystem.  But, little bits by many go a long way!

My morning coffee ritual (addiction!) is organic and fairtrade, the grinds go in the garden, and I use oat milk. I use my refillable water bottle, and I buy mostly organic and local produce.  The Organic Collective delivers local produce to my door, it’s fabulous.  Most recently my gorgeous neighbours are helping me learn how to compost.

My family and friends are used to getting presents wrapped in newspaper, or old paper paintings.

I buy kitchen items and clothes from thrift shops, or spoil myself with beautiful ethical Anjelms garments, of course!

Natalia wears right: Tie Wrap Dress - Indigo and left:  Long Button Tie Dress - Jaipur Floral


What legacy would you like to leave?

That people were inspired to brave being themselves. That they could liberate themselves from their own minds and fears, and rather than try to hide their quirks and desires, that they celebrate their own unique fabulousness! Oh, and that people realised nature is our mumma, and we aren’t separate from the Earth. We are all one.

Just a small little legacy.

Natalia wears right: Drawstring Jumpsuit - Kashmiri Leaf and left: Work Overalls - Indigo Stripe


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