Blue Armadillo Design

Blue Armadillo Design was born out of two great friends’ shared love of Australia’s fauna and flora. The sheer beauty and intricacy of nature has been a constant source of inspiration and is conveyed in our designs.

Odile Bell sketches the designs and once the sketches are finished, the silkscreens are then prepared for the next stage.

Sunlight is used to “burn” the image onto it. Following that, each item is hand screen printed in East Fremantle from my home. Eco-friendly inks are used to make sure the process remains kind to the environment.

The natural beauty of the designs is enhanced by choosing a high quality fabric: Russian linen. It is the perfect medium to showcase our products (linen blend and cotton are also used).

These authentic items are timeless and will bring a bit of nature to your home. They will also make gorgeous gifts for those special to you here or overseas.


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